Zion National Park: Canyoneering in the Narrows

December 24, 2011

A conversation with my mother’s college roommate inspired a pre-New Year’s Eve trip to Zion National Park in Utah.  While her roommate and her daughter went to New Orleans for Christmas, we decided on the original plan of Zion.  We rented a car in Las Vegas and drove up Interstate 15 through Nevada, Arizona, and finally to Utah, where we turned off the interstate and passed the towns of Hurricane, Virgin, Rockville, and Springdale, arriving in a deep river valley gouged out by eons of flowing water.  The Virgin River cuts through ancient dense sandstone, carving out a narrow river valley amid the tall red and white cliffs.

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Christmas in the Canyon

What better way to spend a holiday than hiking in the desert?

Reflected light
The Virgin River winds through Zion National Park in Utah.

Hiking up here, appearance-wise, is somewhere between a that of a canvas from the Romanticism movement and a HDR image. I adore winter in dry climates for the low light and small crowds in parks it brings.

Have a wonderful next orbit around the sun!