New England visit

A few shots from exploring Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York with a strong emphasis on water.

Sailboats on the Charles from the Red Line
Community Boating holds a race off the Longfellow Bridge

Dewey, Cheetham & Howe offices
Not quite sailboat related, but still entertaining.

What a cute window display
Her dress matches the coral-print fabric in the store

Anderson Bridge
The Charles River as seen from the Anderson Bridge

Photographing sunflowers
Sunflowers at the Copley Square market

Reflected light
Reflected light on Destiny

Sailing on Destiny
Sailing on Destiny

Through the bimini
View through the bimini

Stern Marge
Marge on the stern

Fireboat plume
Fireboat plume

Steering Destiny
Steering Destiny

Kaycee snoozes
Kaycee snoozing

Sound Structure
Sound structure

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