Happy Father’s Day!

For Father’s Day, here’s a post in honor of the paternal unit responsible for 50% of the DNA that produces this blog.

My father visited in late March and we headed to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum south of Boston.  Dad was part of the generation affected greatly by JFK’s presidency, and I was glad to show him one of my favorite museums.  Especially striking is how the designers deftly handled the physical and emotional transitions from the campaign trail to White House years to the assassination to the large atrium with the gigantic flag hanging, leaving you feeling hopeful at the end of what could have been a sad final exhibit.

Afterward, we took a self-timer shot in front of the Boston Harbor, looking out from Columbia Point:

Father & daughter

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!  You’ve been a great father; thank you for all the travels, bits of photography advice, and car repair.